Minority Owned Business Certification Requirements

Minority Owned Business Certification Requirements – 1. First, schedule a strategy session to discuss your business, its vision and the best Certification for your business. Certain certifications are STATE SPECIFIC.

2. Second, we have individual Certification prices, 2-Bundle packages and all 3-Bundle packages. This package does not include Veteran/Service Disabled Veteran Certification. Veteran Certification (VBE/SDVBE) sold separately.

Minority Owned Business Certification Requirements

Minority Owned Business Certification Requirements

3. Third, we check the MANDATORY documents required to obtain the MBE/WBE/DBE/HUB or VBE Certification related to your business from the CHECKLIST that has been downloaded and/or provided. Your business must meet all the criteria to qualify. *NOTE: certain businesses may require additional documents based on our expert REVIEW.

Business Bootcamp: Apply For Your M/wbe!

4. Next, we will help you collect all the necessary documentation, which varies according to the type of business. Required documentation may include your business history, share certificates, meeting minutes, ownership and operating documents, proof of citizenship, insurance documents and more. If additional documents are required, i.e. business structure documents, then there will be an additional fee*.

5. Then, we will complete the required application for each of your CITY or STATE and send your application and supporting documents to your verification agency on your behalf.

6. We are your CONNECTION. We will act as your intermediary between you and the certifying agency(ies) to provide any additional assistance if requested.

Becoming CERTIFIED as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), and/or Veteran Business Enterprise (VBE) can be rewarding and beneficial to the business your This “aside” has been known to grow your business exponentially. And, as a CERTIFIED MBE/HUB, we have taken full advantage of the opportunities provided under this program for business growth, expansion and customized performance goals within our own organization.

Power Your Business: Wbe Certification

Becoming certified gives you a “seat at the table”. You will have every opportunity to secure long-term contracts with governments and Fortune 500 companies around the United States and the world, for that matter.

WHAT ABOUT THE SUPER BOWL? Have you ever thought about doing business with the Super Bowl? Why not? You must first be M/WBE or VBE certified. Stop thinking small–your vision is as big as the SUPER BOWL!

Under the “forms” tab on the main page of the website, you can find a checklist of the items you need to become certified. NOT ALL THINGS ARE NEEDED; however, it depends on how your business is structured.

Minority Owned Business Certification Requirements

Becoming CERTIFIED requires a lot of paperwork that can seem confusing. Let us do the dirty work. We prepare your certification application and the necessary paperwork for you. We have a 100% success rate in over 25 states.

Awards & Certifications

Becoming Certified as a MINORITY, WOMAN, ADOPTED BUSINESS, HISTORICALLY DISCONTINUED BUSINESS or VETERANS BUSINESS can be great. There are about 28 documents that you need to prepare to start the application process.

Let Genesis Preferred Solutions EXPERTS prepare your documents, submit on your behalf and be your liaison between you and the certifying agency.

Sign up for any of our Contract services and you’ll be on your way to growing your business like never before. Derive Technologies is committed to the diversity of its workforce and to creating visibility around the benefits of working with companies that reflect that diversity.

As an official Minority and Women’s Enterprise (MWBE certified), we can enter into business relationships with companies and government and public sector enterprises in New York State, New York City, New Jersey and throughout the United States —which are specially authorized to offer opportunities to Minority providers.

Power Up Your Business: Minority Owned Certification 101

Derive is proud to provide IT support services—and custom pricing—to nonprofit institutions and other government and public sector agencies under the terms of our MWBE certified status.

Derive was named “Minority Global Technology Firm of the Year” in 2019 by the US Department of Commerce (USDC). This official recognition enables us to provide a series of dedicated and diversity-related business and technology education services (and other IT support services) to a wide range of leading organizations and individuals.

Derive Technologies Purchase Contract Vehicle is a proud provider of technology products and IT support services through New York State Office of General Services (NYS OGS) Background Contracts and other vehicles . This contract includes solutions including Consultancy Services/System Integration…

Minority Owned Business Certification Requirements

Configuration and Staging Facility Located on the ground floor at 120 Wall Street, Derive’s 5,000 square foot staging, configuration and benchmarking facility, or Technology Center, is strategically located in the heart of the historic Financial District of Manhattan. This unique facility provides the ability…

Terrostar Receives Minority Business Enterprise (mbe) Certification

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