Loan To Pay Off Student Loans

Loan To Pay Off Student Loans – Paying off six-figure student loan debt is no easy task. Find out how I paid it all off with the long snowball method (Dave Ramsey) and a 401(k) loan.

I was ten years old and my dad took me to the University of Michigan and I fell in love with it. So at 17 I applied to the University of Michigan and was accepted. There was no doubt that I would go elsewhere. I was so happy.

Loan To Pay Off Student Loans

Loan To Pay Off Student Loans

Without thinking about how I would pay for four years of study abroad, I asked my mother for a $200 deposit to secure my place as a student in the class of 2009. That same year, I filled out a roommate application form. , ordered a football pass ($160 more, thanks again mom) and you’re good to go.

Strategies To Pay Off Student Loans Fast

My mom filled out a FASFA and a private student loan application. Filling out the FAFSA made it possible (ha!) to get a $5,000 a year loan. I was approved for the private student loan – I was the borrower and my mom was the co-signer (though I didn’t know it at the time). I signed the loan documents without reading them… without knowing how much money I was borrowing.

Then I started freshman. College was… simply the best! I graduated with an engineering degree and met my future husband. Every year I filled out the same application for my private student loans – I asked for money and wow, it came out.

After graduating from college, I started working as an engineer at a salary of $60,000 a year. The student loan bills started coming in. During college, I never calculated the total loan amount and had no idea what my monthly payment would be (is this common?).

Turns out I owed $125,181 and my minimum monthly payment was $1,179. I had $19,125 in federal student loans, $102,056 in private student loans, and $4,000 in student loans from my college. All of my student loans had fixed interest rates ranging from 2.2% to 7.9%, but the average was around 7%. (<– Or I thought they were fixed. The interest rate on my private student loan increased by 2% after 48 months of repayment. Seriously?! I'm banging my head against the wall. Apparently I didn't read the terms of the student loan. The new rate is 9.9% rose!)

Creative Ways To Pay Off Student Loans

After graduating, I found out that I had a six-month grace period on my student loans. That means I didn’t have to pay for the first six months after graduation, but the interest still accrued.

Since I only had a few hundred dollars, I decided to take advantage of the grace period because so much was happening in my life at the time – new job, new city, new friends, new responsibilities. I felt it was best to adapt to these new things and focus on getting excellent results at work and then I could turn my attention to these terrible reports. I needed a little more money to pay the first month’s rent (+ security deposit), a bed and a few other necessities (kitchen stuff, table, etc.).

After the free period ended, I started paying. Each month I paid the exact amount on the bill – $1,179. It never occurred to me that I could pay more than the bill (neither did it occur to me that I could skip a payment – that’s a good thing).

Loan To Pay Off Student Loans

I was taking home about $3,100 a month (I think, not sure). This was after taxes, health insurance deductibles, and my 401(k) retirement contributions. I just remember that there wasn’t much room in my budget to begin with.

How To Pay Off Student Loans

I prioritized my student loan debt, then rent, then utilities, and everything else. I had to live quite frugally and it was difficult because I lived in a very expensive part of the country. My rent bill equaled my student loan bill – crazy! I’m not sure if that reflects how expensive the neighborhood I lived in or how much student loan debt I actually had.

I don’t know where to fit this into this story, but about 9 months after I graduated (and a few months after I paid off my student loan bills) I got a letter saying I was seriously delinquent on my Student Loans. They threatened to send me to a debt collector if I didn’t start paying. That was really scary.

First of all, I had no idea what they were talking about. I was so diligent about paying off all my student loans (well, that’s what I meant

From my student loans). Second, I felt like I was in trouble and ruining myself financially because I was in arrears with this debt. Long story short: I took out $4,000 in student loans and didn’t know it. Because I didn’t know I had this loan, I didn’t make the monthly payments. I think they sent bills and overdue mail to my old college address.

Student Loan Repayment Benefits Could Attract Millennial Talent

Around the same time I got the first call, I got an opportunity to work overtime on a big project. It meant long hours, but a lot of money. The project lasted three months and I managed to pay $4000 and get rid of this loan for good (yes, I was so scared that I just wanted this loan and company out of my life).

It was a little humbling to pay almost $1,200 a month and see your credit balance drop by just a few hundred dollars. Yes, I was throwing away about $1,000 a month in interest. After a few years, I still had six figures in debt. I felt like I was paying that much money every month for this debt (and I was! it’s almost 40% of my take home pay). I got nowhere.

After working for a few years, I started raising and had a little extra money every month. I wanted to see if I could put some extra money towards the debt.

Loan To Pay Off Student Loans

After many articles and charts, I decided to pay a little more each month for my highest interest loan. I did this for a few years and honestly, I still didn’t feel like I hurt my credit.

Can You Use A Personal Loan To Pay Off Student Loan Debt?

About 3 or 4 years after graduation, after hitting a dead end looking for “how to pay off my student loan debt”, I heard about Dave Ramsey. I read a few articles about him and bought his book (a must). I read it and liked it. But I did nothing about what I read. Then I discovered his radio show. I listened for a year. And again I did nothing.

Then I decided it was now or never and finally started the Dave Ramsey plan. I listed ALL my debt and started paying off the one with the lowest balance first (The Debt Snowball Method). I was doing pretty well. But it didn’t go as fast as I thought. I still contributed to my retirement — that was one of the things I did

Quit (even though it’s part of Dave Ramsey’s plan). I also don’t think I was as “tough” as Dave Ramsey’s other followers. I even let some “luxuries” into my life.

Pay off your debt with these free printables. There’s no day like today to snowball your debt…

Which Student Loans Should You Pay Off First?

Then I got so fed up with my loans that I decided to go all-in. The first drastic thing I did was stop contributing to my 401(k). It hurts. I didn’t save for retirement and I missed out on a 5% match.

The second drastic thing I did was borrow from my 401(k). No one recommends this. There are about 2,342,342,344 personal finance writers out there – all of whom advise against taking a 401(k) loan for whatever reason. 401(k) loans are basically a no-no among all financial gurus.

But I did the math. It made sense to me. One of my student loans had an interest rate of 9.9%! This is crazy.

Loan To Pay Off Student Loans

I borrowed $40,000 from my 401(k) and was able to pay off about 70% of my private student loans right away (I still had my private loan and all my federal student loans). It was only 2.25% on a 401(k) loan (compared to 6.5-9.9% on some private student loans). Also, the money we paid as interest on the 401(k) loan was put into the 401(k). You paid yourself interest! It only cost $50 to withdraw the loan. OKAY.

How To Tackle Your Student Loans [infographic]

(Although I now owe another company for my 401(k) loan, I still considered this part of my student

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