Independent Mortgage Broker Near Me

Independent Mortgage Broker Near Me – With our solid industry knowledge and relationships with all the major banks, the best deal with our dedicated mortgage specialists can be the basis for the perfect home loans for your customers!

With comprehensive home loan support from PropertyGuru Finance, your clients receive personalized advice while you can focus on closing real estate transactions and earning your referral fees after credit approval.

Independent Mortgage Broker Near Me

Independent Mortgage Broker Near Me

As a trusted brand in Singapore, we partner with most major banks and help you save time by finding the best home loan package for your customers’ financial needs.

Is It Better To Use A Mortgage Broker Or Bank?

Your mortgage officer will work to understand your customers’ financial needs, recommend the right home loan package, and process the paperwork to ensure you get the right home loan.

When your customers successfully secure their loan or repayment through us, you will receive 90% of your referral commission in cash and 10% in bonus ad credits (about the usual 90% referral commission banking fee of 0.15%).

As an independent mortgage specialist, you can trust us to keep your clients’ interests confidential – your clients’ personal information will be kept private while you keep their best interests at heart for the home loan.

We offer a unique mortgage solution: from finding the right home loan, giving personal advice, processing the loan application to obtaining the Bank’s Letter of Offer, all the while keeping you informed.

Small Time Bankers Make Millions Peddling Mortgages To The Poor

PropertyGuru Finance has a trusted team of experienced and qualified mortgage specialists to help you secure the best mortgage solution for your clients.

Your mortgage educator will seek to understand your client’s financial needs and share the perfect home loan package.

Once your client has selected their preferred home loan package, we will arrange the necessary signatures for the Letter of Offer and other legal documents to close the deal.

Independent Mortgage Broker Near Me

When your customers close on their perfect home loan, we’ll let you know it’s time to collect your payments.

Do I Need A Mortgage Adviser?

Let’s say your customer takes out a home loan of S$300,000 and the bank referral fee is 0.15%; you will earn S$450 in fees and commissions (including GST).

2) In Ad Credits (rounded up): 96 Ad Credits (valued at S$71.50 – 10% commission + 7% GST) As a way of thanking you for your continued support of PropertyGuru, we would like to celebrate -a birthday to you on your special day

You will receive your commission and ad credits via bank transfer 5 days after your bank processes your referral payment, which usually takes 3-6 weeks.

We aim to be the most trusted mortgage marketplace in Singapore, leveraging technology and working with you, your customers and all major banks. With PropertyGuru Finance, we’ve created a hassle-free home loan experience where: Updated A.I. (artificial intelligence) to completely remove my doubt, you need this human advice to choose the best home loan cycle based on your unique needs. Machines cannot predict interest rates for you.

Mortgage Broker Career

If you speak directly to a banker, he may be able to “hook” you on what he says is the best round on the market. Bad things will not show. Unlike when you work with us, an independent mortgage broker will not only show you the first look at the last week’s prices, but also give you that history, along with the pros and cons of each loan.

Just like when you want to buy a Macbook Pro, you’ll pay the same price whether you get it from Apple online, the Orchard Apple Store, or a third-party retailer like Challenger, etc. The difference is that you get more. it’s more valuable when you get it from an advertiser who’s more hungry for your business. You get the same, if not better, business advice that applies to the entire product category, not just Mac. Plus, get other benefits like discounts on Office for Mac, free gifts from the seller.

Of course, in any market competition there will be different levels of service quality and product knowledge. Choose wisely what you want to do for your mortgage needs, especially in the long term. Go with someone who is not only a domain expert and an industry thought leader, but has a demonstrated track record of service excellence and always puts the client’s interests first, over “loans” or other financial products. .

Independent Mortgage Broker Near Me

For those who just put down the deposit on that dream home and need a new home loan, we’re sure you have a close relationship with your real estate agent who helped you secure the piece you’ve been wanting, in order to have your proper rights as an agent.

Online Reviews Are Critical To Bank Marketing: Here’s How To Get More

You definitely want to support your agent by getting the loan from the banks that they submitted. The agent really wants to increase the returns on a sale by referring their customers to all possible sources, including the bank that pays a third-party referral fee (referral commission) to similar agents or brokers. We ask that you consider your own needs first – agents are not connected to the entire mortgage ecosystem and will more often than not “throw” you to bankers in the hope that one of them will close. They can’t teach you much about making the right decision between firms vs.

This is where we come in to do business. And remember, we don’t work alone as ambassadors. We are at your disposal when your loan is due for renewal in 2 or 3 years, making the first reminder call so you can quickly move from one promotional offer to the next without any problems. You need a mortgage advisor who can do this for you independently and most importantly, an advisor you can trust.

For those who are buying a newly launched project, you may want to check your home loan from T.O.P. where most of the free change is given with the existing bank. Should you switch or move to another bank? This is where we’ll show you the latest market rates and guide you through a different mindset, now that you can choose between a fixed and variable rate mortgage. Your boss can’t do this for you.

For liquidated properties or those looking for new financing, keep in mind that most buyers call us several months in advance when it comes to checking mortgage obligations. This is because they often do this when they receive a letter from the bank that they will be renewing their mortgage from next month. A 2 month notice period is required for returns!

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Yes, we have an internal CRM system that requires us to contact you 4 months before your current lock expires. And we do this every 2-3 years with every customer, to make sure they don’t pay the premium for every day they need more.

We have a regular rewards program ($150 FairPrice gift card for a minimum loan of $800,000) for all customers. But the benefits don’t end there. We’ve assembled tools, resources, a network of partners (major banks, law firms, financial advisors) who work as a team for you, to deliver this clean mortgage solution and nothing more.

That’s why you’ll find consistency in our service over the years, so we have an endless list of accolades.

Independent Mortgage Broker Near Me

We call it Lifetime Rewards when you choose to be a customer. Our loyalty program has been running since we started working in 2014.

My Mortgage Adviser Has Disappeared

We know how a referral scheme is about product and service experience, not how much you get paid to refer someone. This is why our program is unique to other broker sites where there is a prerequisite: you must be a customer. You can’t point if you don’t. Of course, you want your loved ones, from family members to close friends, to benefit from low mortgage benefits and our independent, in-depth analysis. To do this, you must first try us and prove what we promise. And we believe in our promise.

And isn’t it great to know that every time you lend a loved one to us for their loan, not only do they get great service and great value from us, but you get a $50 gift card every time we send you to the door. . And that is the blessing of life, when you become a customer.

Last but not least, in today’s ever-changing world where interest rates can go up and down in short periods of time, you need to keep moving, the moves and the attitudes. With an eye on your back, you can get the latest prices at the click of a button; just whatsapp us anytime anywhere for your own benefit and that of your people bye.

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