Home Improvement Loans Government Grants

Home Improvement Loans Government Grants – If you buy a new home, Extended Housing Benefit (EHG) will help you finance your first home!

To make housing more affordable and accessible to Singaporeans, the MND and HDB recently announced the Enhanced Housing Grant (EHG), replacing the Additional Housing Grant (AHG) and Special Housing Grant (SHG). Under the EHG, eligible first-time home buyers are eligible for housing benefit of up to $80,000.

Home Improvement Loans Government Grants

Home Improvement Loans Government Grants

EHG is the new housing benefit for first time buyers. It applies to applications for new housing from 2019. for September sales and applications for housing resale submitted from 2019 onwards. September 11 Applications submitted before this date are not eligible for EHG.

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First time applicants looking to buy a new home can now enjoy EHG up to $80,000 and first time applicants (singles) can enjoy EHG up to $40,000.

Similarly, eligible first-time home resellers can receive up to $80,000 in EHG, in addition to the Housing Subsidy (up to $50,000) and the Close Housing Subsidy (up to $30,000). This means first time home buyers can get up to $160,000 in housing benefits!

To qualify for EHG, monthly household income for first-time families should not exceed $9,000 (see Table 1 below). The purchaser or their spouse must also have worked continuously for the past 12 months and must remain employed at the time they apply for the flat.

First-time singles must be at least 35 years old and have a monthly income of up to $4,500. The buyer must have worked continuously for 12 months before applying for housing and continue to work at the time they apply for housing.

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* EHG applies to those renting 2-bedroom flexible apartments with 99-year leases in non-mature developments, 2-bedroom flexible apartments with short leases and resale flats (up to 5 bedrooms under the Singapore Citizen Scheme and all contract resale flats). general general scheme).

For example, couple A has an average monthly household income of $4,800 and wants to buy a 4-bedroom BTO flat in Tampines in a mature estate. With the introduction of the EHG, couple A can claim an additional $40,000 in housing benefits.

Earlier, re-sellers could only enjoy AHG up to $40,000 but not SHGs. Under EHG, they can now enjoy EHG up to $80,000. This would mean that eligible first-time home buyers could receive up to $160,000 in housing benefit, including EHG (up to $80,000). ), housing benefit (up to $50,000) and PHG (up to $30,000).​

Home Improvement Loans Government Grants

Example: Couple B has an average monthly household income of $4,800. A couple buys a 4-room apartment in an old building to live near their parents. With the introduction of the EHG, couple B can now claim an additional $40,000 in housing benefit:

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What happens if the remaining rent of my purchased apartment does not cover the youngest owner and spouse up to the age of 95?

In order to benefit from the full amount of EHG for the relevant income classes, the purchased flat must be rented out to the extent that the buyer and their spouses can live on until the age of 95. Otherwise, the grant amount will be calculated on a pro rata basis. This condition also applies to apartments purchased during the “Balance apartments” or “New apartment offer” promotions.

For example, couple C, both in their 30s, with an average monthly household income of $4,800, bought a resale home with a 60-year lease. Since the home cannot cover them until age 95, they can enjoy $40,000 of EHG instead of the full $45,000 of EHG for their income bracket.

EHG-eligible first-time applicants for new housing are now eligible for Housing Benefit of up to $80,000, while first-time applicants are eligible for Housing Benefit of up to $40,000.

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Eligible first-time home resellers are eligible for housing benefits of up to $160,000, including EHG (up to $80,000), housing benefit (up to $50,000) and PHG (up to $30,000).

Whether you’re applying for the upcoming BTO sales starting in November or buying a resale flat, consider EHG when planning your new home! You may already know that there are various housing subsidies for couples to help offset the cost of buying a new home, whether it’s an HDB BTO house or an HDB resale house. However, it can be confusing to find out which scholarship you are eligible for with different eligibility criteria for different situations.

So here’s our quick and easy guide and infographic to help you understand your HDB flat grants and budget.

Home Improvement Loans Government Grants

Various factors, such as household income, determine the amount of HDB grant a couple can receive. Most importantly, HDB resale home buyers are offered more grants than BTO (Build To Order) and SBF (Sale of Balance Flats) applicants.

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Because BTO and SBF flats are directly sold by HDB at a reduced price. (Open booking apartments also fall under the same category as BTO and SBF apartments.)

, here we have another article: A Quick Guide to BTO and Resale HDB Grants for Singles.

Technically, there are only two grants available for BTO/SBF/Open Booking housing: Enhanced CPF Housing Grants (EHG) and Enhanced CPF Housing Grants. (EHG replaced Additional Housing Allowance (AHG) and Special Housing Allowance (SHG) in September 2019.

EHG visitors are for the first time and the other scholarship is for the second time. Specifically, the Step-Up CPF Housing Grant is for those moving from a subsidized two-bedroom apartment or government rented housing.

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Therefore, most applicants for BTO/SBF/Open Booking flats would only look at EHG which is classified according to household income. This means that households with lower incomes receive a higher EHG subsidy.

EHG Income Criteria: To qualify for EHG, at least one of the applicants must have worked continuously for 12 months prior to applying for the flat and be employed at the time the flat was applied for.

Couples who buy a new HDB home or receive CPF housing assistance must pay a resale tax (based on the size of the first HDB home) if they intend to buy another new HDB home or EB unit .

Home Improvement Loans Government Grants

In this way, the government levels the playing field and ensures that people do not take advantage of property subsidies and cheat the housing system.

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EHG Income Criteria: To qualify for EHG, at least one of the applicants must have worked continuously for 12 months prior to applying for the flat and be employed at the time the flat was applied for.

Singapore Citizen/Singapore Permanent Resident (SC/SPR) households where one household member has acquired Singapore citizenship status are also eligible for the Singapore Citizen Top-up Grant of 10,000. This household member can:

This citizen top-up grant is something like budget compensation. This is because SC/SPR households are required to pay an additional S$10,000 when buying a BTO house or receive a lower subsidy of S$10,000 when buying a resale house.

For more information on HDB Resale Grants, please refer to our comprehensive article: HDB Resale Grants: How Much Can You Get?

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HDB announced that in 2018 May. once BTO applications start, income assessment may be delayed until the handover of keys to National Servicemen (NSF) and university entrants. One of the applicants must also be 30 years of age or younger at the time of application. However, the deferral of income determination for these couple applicants entitles them to apply for Extended CPF Housing Allowance (EHG).

All scholarships will be credited to the CPF Ordinary Accounts (CPF OA) of eligible applicants who are Singapore citizens. For couples, the grant amounts will be split equally between the two CPF-OA accounts. Cash will not be paid out.

Note that when you sell your home, you must return the grant amount and accrued interest (2.5% p.a.) to your CPF account. This is

Home Improvement Loans Government Grants

The first S$60,000 of Housing Subsidy will be credited to your CPF OA Account and the remaining amount of the subsidy will be paid into your CPF Special/Retirement Account and Medisave Account.

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(Single and 35 years or older? Find out what grants you can get if you buy a BTO flat or sell an HDB flat for resale.)

What do you think about BTO and resale HDB grants? Let us know in the comments below.

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EHG is a housing benefit that you can claim if you are applying for a first-time BTO purchase or resale home with a monthly gross household income of up to S$9,000.

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When you first get a fixed rate BTO, you can get an HDB grant of up to S$80,000. The maximum grant amount is doubled (up to S$160,000) if you are applying to resell your home.

No, you don’t have to return it

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