High Yield Savings Account Sign Up Bonus

High Yield Savings Account Sign Up Bonus – Looking for a high interest savings account? Despite the difficult times of COVID-19, getting more miles from your savings doesn’t have to be difficult!

Did you know that many Singaporeans still use POSB savings accounts? However, these accounts pay a measly 0.05% p.a. Interest, which has been much lower than the cost of money recently. This means you are “saving money” by keeping it in that account, and it may be quite a bit because of the large difference between interest and inflation rates.

High Yield Savings Account Sign Up Bonus

High Yield Savings Account Sign Up Bonus

While many banks are competing for your business, you have options. Many offer savings accounts with more attractive interest rates. Even in today’s financial market, you can earn an interest of 0.5% p.a. or more, and banks continue to revise their interest rates to make them more attractive

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UOB has revised its interest rates down to reflect the current economic climate. However, they are not changing the need to earn bonus interest and extend their credit card.

This account is a bit more complicated than the UOB One account. It’s more flexible without mandatory requirements.

OCBC 360 account base interest of 0.05% p.a., with bonus credit payment rate (minimum $1,800 for 0.3% p.a.), monthly balance increase of at least S$500 (0.1% p.a.), optional insurance policy (minimum of 0.3% p.a. for $2,000), and investment in selected products (minimum $20,000 for 0.3% p.a.).

This account gives you bonus interest when you use other services offered by DBS such as their credit cards, investments, home loans, insurance and PayLah! digital wallet.

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With DBS, they look at your transaction volume for your benefit. The more transactions you make, the more interest you earn.

A useful addition to the DBS Multiplier account. Although it’s not a regular savings account, it can be used to add some discipline to your savings habits. You must link to another account that will make a monthly transfer between S$50 and S$3,000, with an interest rate of 0.25% p.a. it will come to, and if you don’t do anything back for two years. , you will earn an additional 2% p.a. favorite things.

To earn bonus interest, pay for your purchases with a Bonus$ever World credit or debit card. Spend at least $2,000 to get an extra 0.78% p.a. favorite things.

High Yield Savings Account Sign Up Bonus

Despite the banking crisis with the Bank of China, its SmartSaver account is a great choice for high-income people. They offer the highest interest rates in Singapore, if you earn at least S$6,000 a month.

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There is an interest rate of 0.15% p.a for deposits above $20,000. There are other bonuses from insurance (1.5% p.a.), credit card expenses (0.5% p.a.), bill payments (0.3% p.a.), and wages (0.5% p.a.), which is 2.95% p.a. by doing Totals. An initial deposit of $1,500 is required, which becomes the minimum monthly balance.

This account allows you to pay for a selection of products and services that earn bonus interest. This includes any three of the following:

The base interest rate is up to 0.3125%, with additional bonus interest based on the number of additional products or services:

Notable on the list, Citi’s Priority Banking has the lowest entry barrier, requiring only $70,000 to qualify, compared to other banks that ask for millions upon millions.

Wealth $aver Account

If you are looking for a new account, these banks offer many solutions and interest rates that are higher than normal. Where are you going?

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High Yield Savings Account Sign Up Bonus

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The bonus you get depends on how much money you deposit. You must maintain a minimum daily balance for the first three statement cycles. These are the conditions:

The bonus is now $25 more at $15k threshold and $300k threshold with promo code than before.

The nice thing about the Thing account is that it offers 1.15% APY (close to the top available deposit rate). If you have a lot of cash in your hand, it might make sense to use CIT Bank and get bonuses + more interest.

High Yield Savings Account Sign Up Bonus

Check out our post on the best savings accounts and do the math to compare the best rates. For example, if you have $100,000 in money that will sit in an account for one year, you can put that money in the Memory Bank and earn 1.5% APY for the first year (you earn $1,425 in this account with bonuses compared to $1,500). In most other cases, you will be better off with CIT Bank Rate + Bonus.

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Assuming you have $15,000 in cash sitting in an account that earns about 1.15% interest, you would earn $125 by opening this account and transferring your money. Not bad for a soft pull bonus with no requirements. I think most people have $15,000 in savings or an emergency fund so this bonus can appeal to many. We add to our best savings bonuses What if you are looking for an effortless, hassle-free savings account without thinking about 1,001 times strategy to achieve?

Or you have extra cash but don’t know where to park it (like your emergency fund)…

In short, we are thinking of fixed deposits with higher interest rates that will exceed the usual 0.05 percent p.a. without demanding requirements.

To get the best savings account, let’s say we want to park $20,000 in the account.

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The whole process of choosing the best savings account can be a bit confusing because we all have different spending habits and income.

To make it easy for you, we’ve created a Sidley Savings Account Calculator that you can use for free!

If you’re not sure, you can also read the real user reviews left on Seedly to find out if this is the best account for you!

High Yield Savings Account Sign Up Bonus

Especially before the interest rate cut, where we can get 1 percent p.a. For the first $50,000.

Places To Save Your Extra Money

With the latest changes starting January 15, 2021, individuals can earn 0.30 percent on the first $50,000.

Although the interest rate has fallen, it remains a good no deposit account.

They are currently running a promotion until January 31, 2021, in which individuals will receive an interest rate on the existing rate, as follows:

That means 0.68 percent for the first $150,000, which is a good rate for something that requires no effort.

Ocbc 360 Account

Earn up to 1.00 percent. For your first $100,000 with the RHB High Yield Savings Plus Account.

0.8 percent p.a. even if you don’t have $100,000. It’s a great price even the first $50,000.

Standard Chartered Jumpstart Account

High Yield Savings Account Sign Up Bonus

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