High Yield Savings Account Interest Rate

High Yield Savings Account Interest Rate – Many consumers used the same bank account their parents helped them open in high school or continued to use old bank accounts they opened while in college. Because of?

In an age when the rates are so low and moving money around is easier than there is no reason to leave money on the table by playing with these low-interest savings. Traditional savings accounts typically offer 0.01% to 0.1% interest, while high-yield savings accounts offer up to 200 times that rate with variable APY up to 2.25% or even sometimes more. The move could very well be worth it. BusinessInsider.com offers a good comparison of three high-yield savings accounts in terms of interest rates, fees, customer service and affordability.

High Yield Savings Account Interest Rate

High Yield Savings Account Interest Rate

Any change requires research, acting on that research and a change in our banking behavior. is here to help. We recommend that you start by looking for at least three things

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Then use our savings account widget to find banks and start the conversation with them that express interest in your account.

“If you think you can pick your bank at random, you could be missing out on significant savings. In 2019, it pays to do your homework.” origin…

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Find out if it’s wise to keep moving your money between banks just so you can earn the best of the best savings rates now.

How Interest Works On Savings Accounts

You make a point to maximize your savings by keeping money in the top online savings account.

Is it necessary to switch to a new bank if you find that you are no longer getting the best savings rate?

In setting their savings rates, banks use various factors to decide what to offer customers while still making a profit.

High Yield Savings Account Interest Rate

And, the federal funds rate, which is set by the Federal Reserve, is an important factor in how banks set their rates.

Why Do Interest Rates On High Yield Savings Accounts Fluctuate?

When the economy is bad, the federal funds rate is usually set lower. And savings rates are low.

Therefore, they must consider their operating costs when deciding how much they can return to savings account customers.

The big national banks are known for offering terrible savings rates because of the cost of running physical branches. There are additional costs for property rent, utilities, employee pay, insurance and more.

Online banks do not have to deal with most of these costs. Rather, customers interact with their savings accounts entirely through online or mobile banking.

Should I Open A High Yield Savings Account When Interest Rates Are Down?

For this reason, you may feel the need to switch banks if your savings account is no longer on top.

Depending on how much money you have in your account, earning a higher rate is nothing to sneeze at.

The interest rate paid on your savings account also plays a critical role in maintaining the value of your savings accounts. Over time, inflation will eat away at the purchasing power of your money. Inflation helps combat these effects.

High Yield Savings Account Interest Rate

So if inflation is 3%, that means something that cost $1 at the beginning of the year will cost $1.03 at the end of the year. Inflation is to blame for the increase in the cost of products or the reduction of packages but remains at the same price.

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The interest you earn is deposited into your savings account, allowing you to combat some of the effects of inflation.

If you have $1 in your account and earn no interest, your dollar loses 3% of its purchasing power when inflation is 3%.

If you earn 2% interest, your account balance will be $1.02 at the end of the year. In this case, your purchasing power will only have decreased by 1%.

If you find a better account, you will have to go through the process of moving your money to the new account. It may take days to open a new bank account and move money from your old bank.

Top High Interest Savings Accounts

You also need to consider the potential to disrupt the way you manage your money.

If you’ve set up direct deposits or automatic payments, you’ll need to set them up again with your new bank.

If you forget, you could face late fees and a decline in your credit or a delay in receiving your paycheck.

High Yield Savings Account Interest Rate

If you have a lot of money in your savings account, a new savings account may make sense.

Pros And Cons Of High Yield Savings Accounts

But when it comes to interest, the definition of “a lot of money” may be different than the average person.

If you can increase your interest rate by 0.10% APY, that means you’ll earn an extra $100 per year on a $100,000 balance.

Very few people have that much in the bank, and a $100 difference probably isn’t too much for them.

A balance of $10,000 is a more reasonable amount to save, but a 0.10% APY jump only results in a $10 increase in interest payments for the year.

Savings Interest Rates Bottom Out. Here’s Why You Should Open A High Yield Savings Account Anyway.

If you have a massive account balance, it might be worth the effort, but it’s not for most people.

Calculate the annual difference in savings interest earnings to see if the change makes a significant difference to you.

If you currently have an account with a brick-and-mortar bank, there’s a good chance you’ll get a big increase in your interest rate by switching to an online savings account.

High Yield Savings Account Interest Rate

An interest rate increase of this magnitude can make a big difference even for smaller balances. The same $10,000 balance that gets a $10 increase from a 0.10% APY increase would get a $100 increase from a 1.00% increase in APY.

Can You Earn 6% On Your Savings Account? Yes — But Here’s The Catch

In the end, you have to decide how much money you have to make to make switching banks worth the effort.

Over time, some online savings accounts offer rates that can drop significantly. The big jump in savings rate could make the switch worth it.

However, constantly switching banks to get the best savings account rate is generally not worth the effort.

Our advice is to open an account at an online bank with a competitive track record of interest on savings accounts.

Here’s A Tip To Take Advantage Of Rising Interest Rates

You may not always have the best rate available, but you’ll always be close, and the difference won’t be more than a few dozen dollars a year.

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These banks are shy. I had a high yield savings account with a major online bank that earned a great APY. Unknowingly, they drastically reduced the interest on that account and created a new savings account with a slightly different name and a higher interest rate. So they could advertise the high interest rate to get new customers, but they didn’t have to keep paying their existing customers the high interest rate they thought they would get. I only found out by accident. You really need to be vigilant and check your bank APY regularly!

High Yield Savings Account Interest Rate

I have no loyalty to any of these banks, so I don’t mind switching to one that offers me better rates. I’m sure that would give them some competition.

High Yield Savings Account Interest Rates Are Finally Rising Again!

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