Grants For Minority Female Business Owners

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ROWAN TREE NOVAHERNDON-BASED MINORITY WOMEN BUSINESS OWNERS ANNOUNCE FOUR MEMBERSHIPS A coworking community focused on women entrepreneurs is committed to supporting and leading efforts to achieve equality and equity in Nova and beyond.

Grants For Minority Female Business Owners

Grants For Minority Female Business Owners

In the summer of 2020, Rowan Tree – a collaborative community focused on women entrepreneurs – is committed to supporting and leading efforts to achieve equality and equity for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) citizens. Starting with a listening session aimed at helping members better understand the perspectives and experiences of other members, co-founders Amy Dagliano and Kate Viggiano Janich have continued their work to educate and motivate themselves, their members.

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Today, Rowan Tree announced the recipients of the Rowan Tree Membership Grants, which focus on women business owners of color in Northern Virginia. Originally planning to award one grant, Rowan Tree announced four winners today.

Through a 10-to-1 membership model, for every ten memberships, Rowan Tree will award one Rowan Tree Cogrowth Membership Grant to a woman entrepreneur who may be facing barriers to building her business. This grant comes at an especially important time, as many small and micro businesses have been forced to go back and rebuild due to the pandemic. Women-owned minority businesses in particular are suffering, even as they help grow the post-pandemic economy.

In keeping with their mission to support female entrepreneurs and continue to support minority women, co-founders Kate and Amy know that this membership grant will greatly increase their chances of business success. In addition, strengthened relationships will ripple through the local community.

The Rowan Tree Cogrowth Membership Grant is a “grand prize” that offers one year of Full Bloom membership, including a full workspace, a supportive community of women entrepreneurs, and professional and personal growth unique events for This grant has a place in Rowan Tree’s Business Cogrowth Cohort programme.

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This Cogrowth Membership Grant was awarded to Bianca Moskaitis, founder of Reel II Real Experiences, a local nonprofit with a mission to help children learn and grow through experiences they might not otherwise have. Bianca says, “As a young African-American woman living in Reston, VA, I was looking for a welcoming community of women. After experiencing the open arms of all the women who attended Rowan’s weekly coffee chain Tree event, I I can’t wait to get to know more like-minded and driven people in business.

Cogrowth Membership Grant awarded to Bianca Moskaitis, founder of Reel II, for real-world experience with Amy and Keith.

Kia Cole, Rowan Tree Cogrowth Membership Grantee and co-founder of MomAgentBox, says, “Rowan Tree has been invaluable in starting my new business. The community relationships, knowledge, and friendships are second to none! Membership Grant I’m still I’d be trying to figure out how to run my own business, and I’d have fewer friends and less resources.”

Grants For Minority Female Business Owners

Rowan Tree was then awarded a first-place Business Cogrowth Cohort Program grant. In the spirit of Rowan Tree’s “women supporting women” value pillar, this Business Cogrowth Cohort Grant is sponsored by Quality Information Partners Inc. and allows the winner to participate in a 10-week business accelerator cohort focused on female business owners. Beth Young, Co-Founder and President of QIP, is a Rowan Tree member and committed to uplifting other business women.

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Business Cogrowth Cohort Grant sponsor Beth Young, founder and president of Quality Information Partners Inc., with winner Mary Hayes.

The recipient of this Cogrowth Cohort grant is Mary Hayes, CEO and Founder of FurryLuv Cuisine. Mary’s Company provides fresh dog food, toppers, snacks and recipes without unhealthy additives. She looks forward to learning from other Rowan Tree members and using her time in the Cohort program to focus on her short-term goals of connecting with local farmers and nutritionists and finding ways to grow the healthy pet food market. is waiting

As the additional candidates who applied showed such passion and promise for their businesses, Rowan Tree wanted to further extend its support by offering runners-up a ‘Sprout Membership’. “Sprout Memberships” are part-time memberships at Rowan Tree that allow women business owners to participate in programs designed to support community engagement and business development, as well as professional and personal growth and well-being. allows. The two winners include Kelly McKinley, owner of FIT4MOM Franklin Farm/Oakton, and Suman Kapur, CEO of Well Balanced Solutions.

Gina Weatherup, former grantee and owner of Chantilly Mediation and Facilitation, explains the value of her grant: “The free access to the Rowan Tree experience—the space, the people, the workshops, online and in person—has been instrumental in growing my business and personal I’ve learned to be myself and the clients will come – and they will! This is part of how I went from membership grantee to founding member.

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The Rowan Tree community gathered in person and virtually to celebrate the announcement and the new members of this collaborative community.

Located in Herndon, Virginia, Rowan Tree is a collaborative community focused on women entrepreneurs and ALL are welcome. Rowan Tree offers an inclusive, safe and open virtual community and a beautiful, productive personal workspace. Within our growing ecosystem of female entrepreneurs and passionate allies, we intentionally cultivate a community of connection, collaboration, and inspiration. We bring a mix of business, health, creativity, laughter and wellness to Rowgramming. More: https://

© 2022 Rowan Tree | privacy policy | iamcSharp. | photo credit: Rowan Tree + Jennifer Heffner Photography Amid the ongoing pandemic, many independent business owners and small businesses continue to feel the effects of trying to keep their businesses afloat. Unfortunately, those who are part of marginalized communities have faced less access and support during the pandemic than their counterparts.

Grants For Minority Female Business Owners

According to a recent report compiled by McKinsey & Company, many minority businesses have limited access to credit. They start with less capital and limited financial health, such as profitability, credit scores, and a tendency to use retained earnings as their primary source of funding.

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Adding a pandemic to the equation has created a deeper wound that many minority businesses know all too well. With these undeniable statistics, many companies have made efforts to provide access and equity to minority entrepreneurs to help them remain sustainable in 2020 and meet their 2022 commitments.

Here are the latest grants that may be perfect for your business, as well as resources and opportunities for mentoring, education, networking and more.

If you’re a minority business, we’ve rounded up grants and resources you might find useful in the new year. #Minority Scholarships | #Subsidies | Click to Tweet via @altimesenichole

As minority independent professionals, businesses and organizations continue to be committed to closing the equity gap. To help you get started on your grant search, we’ve compiled a list of minority grants designed to help with your business needs. Whether your field is writing or design, there are grants for everyone.

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Small Business Fast Break is dedicated to helping minority business owners overcome barriers to business growth and development. The scholarship is administered in partnership with the NBA, WNBA and NBA G League, and members of minorities, women, immigrants and members of the LGBTQ+ community are eligible to apply. The application process opens in Spring 2022, so please save or bookmark this website and set a reminder to check back periodically.

In partnership with The Cru, The Tory Burch Foundation and Fearless Fund, the organization will award 10K-20K grants to 75 deserving businesses owned by women of color. According to the foundation, “The Tory Burch Foundation empowers women and female entrepreneurs through access to capital, digital resources and education.”

The San Diego Foundation inspires sustainable philanthropy and provides solutions for communities to improve the quality of life in their regions. These grants are made in partnership with the San Diego Women’s Foundation and the San Diego Regional Partnership Program.

Grants For Minority Female Business Owners

There are currently two grants available to San Diego residents. “The 4SRanch ~ Del Sur Community Foundation (4SCF), an affiliate of The San Diego Foundation (TSDF), is dedicated to improving and preserving the quality of life at 4S Ranch and Del Sur by empowering responsible and effective philanthropy.” This grant is for businesses supporting youth in their respective communities in response to the impact of COVID-19. Expires January 12, 2022.

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The Escondido Community Foundation (ECF) is an affiliate of the San Diego Foundation (TSDF). “The goal is to improve and preserve the quality of life in Escondido by strengthening responsible and effective philanthropy.” Applicants will have a two-step process, which will facilitate the allocation of funds between 15 thousand and 35 thousand. The deadline is January 24, 2022.

If you are not a San Diego resident, please check the available grants for your relevant location. Grants can be federal or private in addition to the local or state level.

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