First Citizens Bank Home Improvement Loan

First Citizens Bank Home Improvement Loan – Your website is the key to converting customers. After searching hundreds of websites of banks and credit unions, we chose the 15 best. Find out who made our list below.

When a potential customer visits your website, it takes them just 50 milliseconds to decide whether to stay or leave. That’s all you have – 0.05 seconds to show the credibility of your brand and get that person interested enough to stay with them for a few more seconds.

First Citizens Bank Home Improvement Loan

First Citizens Bank Home Improvement Loan

Meeting customers with an exceptionally clean, clear and optimized website is critical to staying competitive in 2021. Every second you encourage a potential customer to stay longer on your website, you are one step closer to converting a visitor into a customer.

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After researching and testing hundreds of bank and credit union websites, we narrowed down the list to the top 15 based on the following criteria:

It is essential to have a clear navigation that allows customers to find important information and start on the right path to achieve their goals. Good navigation brings what customers are looking for in the foreground, whether it’s interest rates, calculators or product options.

Having an effective and clear design is a must. Your site should be optimized for responsiveness so that it remains consistent regardless of device screen size.

Deploying new technologies and updating old technologies helps customers more easily get the answers they need. Offer calculators with real-time odds, calls to action and a modern design. Deliver high-quality customer service with a live chat widget and other ways to connect with your customers.

The First Citizens National Bank

Consumers look for contact with the brand before making a decision. Your website should reflect your brand voice and include brand-related assets to meet customers at every touchpoint on their journey. Set up brand calculators, update your app funnels to make it easier for customers to connect with you, and run a blog that matches your brand’s tone.

Capturing the right information about your website visitors helps your organization track those who have shown interest and generate more leads. If you have digital tools like a calculator on your website, do you use them to get relevant customer data? When you offer content or resources to your customers, do you have a lead generation form to capture emails? What about a newsletter subscription?

High-quality content can inspire and encourage visitors to take the next step with your brand. You can differentiate your organization with engaging content that answers customer questions. By offering valuable content, you can nurture and build relationships with your site visitors.

First Citizens Bank Home Improvement Loan

American Eagle Financial Credit Union’s website design exceeds customer expectations with a seamless user experience. From the user-friendly interface to the responsive design, we’re really impressed with its ability to easily lead the customer down separate paths to find what they’re looking for, explore different products and offers, and contact them for more information. They make it easy to get in touch with a chat widget in the lower right corner, in addition to the services they offer in the contact section, including a phone number to call, a responsive chat form, and a secure message form. However, some call-to-action buttons lead users to pages that don’t meet design expectations. For example, the design of the “Sign in” and “Apply now” pages can be improved.

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When it comes to standing out from the competition, First Republic clearly communicates its distinctiveness by reflecting its brand values ​​and mission on the homepage. The contact forms read “Ask us to contact you” and “We are here for you. Call us. It’s as close as shaking hands to a website visitor when they encounter your site for the first time. love their resource directory under the “Articles & Information” tab which has answers to common customer questions like “What does my credit score mean?” They have done the work to make it as quick and easy as possible for visitors to start using banking. For example, video popups appear when you click the “More Info” button, and they sped up the time it takes to download the mobile app by entering a QR code on the app page. While some pages are easy to navigate to, once there the visitor is presented with thick, light gray paragraphs of text on the page. The information is given in great detail and we believe that this content could not be presented in a more accessible format. Shorter descriptions that lead to more information allow for a clearer design and easier navigation.

Mobiloil Credit Union’s mobile design caters to next-generation customers with a user-friendly and responsive interface. The credit union does a great job of communicating its commitment to customer service. They clearly inform visitors on the homepage that they are bringing “Branch to YOU”. The site’s digital tools, including calculators, are modern, innovative and easy to use. Unfortunately, their most prominent CTA button, “Apply”, in the top left takes the visitor to a new area with an outdated and inconsistent design.

First American Bank’s extensive menus are sorted by audience and activity to help users navigate and quickly access key information. By capturing data related to website visits and other website activities, the bank provides a personalized customer experience. Engaging content incorporates elements of financial education that appeal to customers at different levels of their journey. Its design is visually appealing and responsive. In fact, it’s very easy to find specific information in the section on the home page called “No matter where you are on your journey.” Below is a drop-down banner of common actions a user can take, such as “Create a Loan” or “Buy a House”. Some tools on the site might need to be refreshed, such as additional ways to contact support, such as the live chat widget.

Bank of Hope does a great job of guiding their customers down the right path to finding what they are looking for. Find out how they set up a navigation bar with all their services and offers organized into Personal and Business categories. Its design is clean and simple. While the site’s content could benefit from an organizational structure, it is unique and presented on the home page under the title and subtitle “Stories of Hope for Your Financial Well-being”.

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The visual quality of First Citizens Bank’s design is outstanding. It is a clean, simple and clear place where the site visitor should act. Navigation is even easier with a search bar that says “How can we help you?” and takes the user to a series of results related to his query. When it comes to First Citizens Bank’s tooling capabilities, the site falls short when you take a closer look at its calculators. They are not ranked in Google search results, which prevents potential customers from landing directly on the bank’s calculators. This legacy technology is difficult to get up and running over time, making it difficult to meet the expectations of today’s customers.

The South State Bank website offers its customers an easier way to do things, complete with simple navigation and key information on the home page. As the visitor scrolls down, they will see the Bank’s current rates easily accessible, as well as resources on relevant topics, from saving tips to retirement planning. Its friendly and user-friendly design welcomes visitors regardless of the platform. While they do provide a submitable contact form and phone number, offering a faster and more responsive customer service option would benefit their potential customers looking for answers to quick questions.

Alliant Credit Union does a great job of attracting the younger generation of credit union members with a clean, easy to navigate and responsive website design. Their blog is well organized with categorized information, offering solid financial advice on credit scores, debt management, mortgages and more. We love the way they named their blog “Alliant’s Money Mentor”. On the other hand, a website visitor may find their financial calculators outdated and notice a lack of brand consistency when clicking on call-to-action buttons such as “Join Member”.

First Citizens Bank Home Improvement Loan

Penfed Credit Union does a great job with engaging and fresh content, offering a gallery of resources that express the goals of site visitors, such as “Moving into the home you deserve with a VA loan.” By offering valuable content, Penfed differentiates itself from the competition, establishes thought leadership and encourages site visitors to convert. It’s also easy to view and calculate rates in the “Find Out” tab, where visitors can find the calculator they need to better understand their specific financial goals. However, there is also room for improvement in this area, such as new digital calculators that have more features and capabilities. While its modern design is visually appealing, the homepage looks a bit clunky and there is no specific place where a visitor’s gaze could land when scrolling down.

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The Regions website is easy to navigate with a clean design, easy navigation and multiple places to contact or share feedback. In the “Insights” section, visitors can easily find articles and resources that have been categorized as: “Next Step Financial Education”, “Personal”, “Small Business”, “Commercial”,

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