Discharging A Mortgage In Ontario

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A mortgage loan secured by property gives lenders the legal right to prevent you from buying, selling or refinancing your home. A mortgage is a legal requirement, unless you have an assumed mortgage when you sell your home. Note that only a lawyer licensed by the Law Society of Ontario can practice real estate in Ontario.

Discharging A Mortgage In Ontario

Discharging A Mortgage In Ontario

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Should I Switch Mortgage Providers?

You will receive a secure intake link in your inbox to submit your closing documents. After receiving your documents, we will work with the lender to prepare for closing, keeping you informed at all times.

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The real estate attorneys at Axess Law arrange a foreclosure with your lender to pay off the outstanding balance and accompanying debt. A mortgage discharge releases the collateral held by your lender to secure your loan. Removing mortgage lenders and “mechanic’s liens” — financial obligations such as contractor’s liens or lender’s debts — must be removed from the title of your home or land before you sell or transfer it to others. Requesting a mortgage payment amount from your lender will show you the mortgage balance, daily interest and the due date of your mortgage. Access Law uses that information to prepare a discharge of mortgage document and to witness your signature on it. When you receive the mortgage in full from your lender, Axess Law files your discharge with the local land registry office.

Leave your mortgage at the end of your life when you change lenders, or sell land or housing in Ontario.

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My wife and I had a wonderful experience with Access Law regarding our first home purchase. They were very responsive to our questions, calling the same day (multiple times) and returning any missed calls. He was diligent, fair and transparent. I will use their services again.

The team at Access Law is extremely easy to work with. They responded quickly, answered all my questions and made the entire closing process really easy.

He set up a team dedicated to selling my real estate and handled my questions out of bounds with diligence and patience despite my experience and legal issues. As a result, I not only achieved a smooth transaction with clear documentation, but also gained invaluable experience and a legal team that I will consult and retain for my future needs.

Discharging A Mortgage In Ontario

“As our first time home buyer, my wife and I believe that Axes Law educated us and made sure we covered all the basics. We felt comfortable moving forward with this transaction. Thank you to the staff at Axes and Law. Their due diligence and for flexibility”

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Before you can sell or buy real estate in Ontario, you must issue a second mortgage on the title. Contact your mortgage lender about transferring a second mortgage on the new property when you sell.

You can make payments on the property you own after the buyer makes an offer. Mortgage lenders have the legal right to hold your property as collateral until you pay off the mortgage in full. If you have other income or investments, you can make up the difference yourself. If you have good credit or have purchased a new property with a low price, you may be able to get a line of credit to pay off the outstanding mortgage.

Married spouses generally have the right to live in the matrimonial home. Some common-law couples are joint tenants on title and also co-borrowers on the mortgage. Joint tenancy means you have rights of survivorship when your spouse dies and you should ask Axess Law to prepare a survivorship application and amend the title to formally remove your spouse’s name. If you mortgage your home, you are responsible for the mortgage loan. If you, your spouse or both of you die while your home is mortgaged, many lenders recommend mortgage life insurance to cover the mortgage.

How To Discharge Your Mortgage And What It Means

Homeowners often ask us why they have to pay a mortgage discharge fee or what to do if they disagree with mortgage prepayment penalties or interest differential rates. Most mortgage lenders charge administrative fees for mortgages, and mortgage documents should state their fees and prepayment penalties clearly and simply. If you have complained directly to your lender and still have serious concerns about prepayment penalties imposed by the mortgage lender, you can contact the Ontario Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments. Since not all lenders calculate the three-month interest penalty the same way, check. Your lender’s policy before you cancel your contract. When to break your mortgage agreement

Mortgage Tip: Most fixed-term mortgages allow you to pay 10% to 20% annually. Ask your lender about an open-time mortgage if you’re looking to refinance or plan to fast-track your payments.

Your lender uses the IRD to cover lost profits, if you held the mortgage at maturity, or interest he would have received if he had lent the mortgage to someone else. Mortgage renewal vs. refinancing.

Discharging A Mortgage In Ontario

To arrive at the three-month interest penalty, your lender multiplies the remaining mortgage principal by your interest rate and divides by 12 months. It pays monthly interest to your lender. They multiply the monthly interest by three months, giving you a three-month interest penalty like this:

Wait, My Mortgage Is Still Registered On Title?

IRD is slightly (!) more complicated. Remember that how IRD is calculated depends on your lender’s policies, so it’s always wise to check before taking out your mortgage. What a mortgage lawyer does for you.

Your lender checks the interest rate you received against the post interest rate the day you signed your mortgage. If you get a discount rate, you lose that benefit. IRD is based on the posted rate.

Your lender compares your interest rate to today’s posted rate. The posted rate is usually higher than the rate advertised on their website. (Again there is a missing discount.)

Your lender lowers your posted interest rate from the current posted rate. Multiply that difference by your remaining principal and divide by 12 months to get the monthly amount.

Mortgage Discharge: What It Is, How It Works

The monthly amount is multiplied by the number of months remaining in your mortgage term and is your IRD. What does it cost you now to take out a CMHC high ratio mortgage loan?

When you refinance your mortgage or break your contract to buy a new home or land, Access Law has a remote real estate attorney near you. Our virtual real estate attorneys contact your lender to sign the mortgage documents you need to refinance a home or take out a first or second mortgage. Mortgages in Ontario.

Using a licensed real estate lawyer ensures that your mortgage documents are in order and that the purchase or sale is reviewed before taking the all-important step of refinancing or purchasing property in Ontario. While your realtor can help you make an offer, only a licensed attorney can give you legal advice and help you finalize a real estate transaction in Ontario.

Discharging A Mortgage In Ontario

Access Law looks at your signature on the mortgage documents your lender provides and searches the title to your property to make sure no construction mortgages or financial claims tie the title to the local land registry. Ask us about virtual video conferencing today. Remove build rights.

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Access low-cost lawyers when you buy, sell or relocate property in the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa or anywhere in Ontario. Axess Law’s flat fee real estate attorneys are affordable and our rates are all-inclusive (excluding taxes, disbursements and third-party fees). Access Law provides only the legal services you need. Your final invoice does not include any surprises or hidden fees. Your Itemized Statement of Adjustment is explained when we deliver it, and we answer any questions you may have about it.

Axess Law’s virtual real estate attorneys video conference with you online, wherever you are. Talk to a licensed legal professional from the comfort of your home or office. We can view your signature online using any compatible home computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device. It’s easy and secure, and our video conferencing technology keeps your personal and legal information private.

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