Car Insurance That Accept No License

Car Insurance That Accept No License – If you can afford a taxi everywhere or are not ashamed to ask family, friends and colleagues for a ride, you will probably never need to drive a car in Singapore.

And cars are so expensive in singapore it’s more of a liability than anything else.

Car Insurance That Accept No License

Car Insurance That Accept No License

However, the ability to drive is an important skill. Even if you don’t have a car your whole life, you might want to have a driver’s license when you go abroad on a trip or if someone needs help moving their car.

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If you are 18 years old and above and are physically and mentally fit, attending a driving school to get your driving license in Singapore is almost a rite of passage. But which school should you go to? Or should you find a private driving instructor?

There are three driving schools in Singapore. The Singapore Safe Driving Center (SSDC) is in Woodlands, the ComfortDelGro Driving Center (CDC) is in Uby and the Bukit Batok Driving Center (BBDC) is in (surprise, surprise) Bukit Batok. Ideally, you’d want to choose the school that best suits you based on distance, but other factors (such as prices and retention rates) may influence your decision.

Generally, all 3 schools charge some standard fees. In general, everything that the traffic police does or authorizes is standardized, e.g. photo, vision test, BTT, FTT and practical test.

They differ little in terms of theory and practical instruction. BBDC appears to be the cheapest option, costing you just over $173 to sign up and complete the necessary lessons and mock tests before your first Basic Theory Test (BTT). SSDC is the most expensive, but the difference is no more than $7.

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SSDC also charges the most for hands-on courses, which account for most of the cost, as it takes more than 20 courses to become competent. See the full comparison here.

Driving school registration fees should drop by $96.30. It doesn’t matter which driving school you attend and it’s only valid for one year.

If you don’t have the time or dedication to learn all the lessons in a year, you’ll pay more. The prices are as follows:

Car Insurance That Accept No License

If you think you won’t be able to pass your driving test after a year of lessons, consider visiting BBDC. Paying $8.13 per month can be cheaper than other schools if you don’t need the extra 6 months of classes.

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Private instructor registration fees should be $50-$60 depending on the instructor. The difference in fees is because driving schools usually have a higher overhead which they pass on to you, the customer.

Whether you choose to learn at a driving school or with a private instructor, you will still need to open an account with the driving school. This is because you will be taking driving theory tests at school.

If you have enrolled in a driving school, you must pay for the theory lessons together with the enrollment fee. This is before registering for the main theory test and the final theory test. How much you pay depends on whether you have previously taken and passed any of these tests. If you start driving, the fees are paid together with the registration/application fee at check-in:

BBDC is the cheapest of the three schools with individual theory lessons at $17.12 (if you fail and have to read).

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After completing the lessons, which thank God you can do online, you can register for the main theory exam. The trial fee was recently increased to $6.50.

After passing the basic theory test, you will be able to apply for a temporary driving license (PDL). A PDL valid for two years will cost you $25. This means you can start driving!

In the meantime, you can also register for the final theoretical exam. The trial fee was recently increased to $6.50. Before you can book an appointment for your practical driving test, you will need to pass a final theory test.

Car Insurance That Accept No License

If you study with a private instructor, you technically don’t need to attend classes and can just take theory exams.

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However, you should probably complete one or two theory practice tests before the official exam date. These mock tests will help you master the testing system and if you have a good enough memory, you will find that the same questions will appear in the actual test.

Driving schools have a specific curriculum that they follow and sometimes have a minimum number of lessons that a student must complete before they are allowed to book you for a driving test. Tuition fees are divided into two categories, peak and off-peak.

Although more expensive at first glance, SSDC beats CDC and BBDC when you look at how much you pay per minute. Depending on the instructor, that extra 20 minutes per SSDCL lesson really pays off as it gives you more time to practice.

In general, a minimum of 20-25 lessons will be required to complete the program. How quickly you learn depends, of course, on you and the instructor. When you’re learning at a driving school, your instructor might not be right. Some schools, like SSDC, charge an additional $8.56 per session if you want to request a specific instructor.

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With hundreds of private driving instructors all over the island, you are spoiled for choice. There are those who advertise online and those who rely on word of mouth to attract customers. But there are also those who have time to accept more than a hundred students, which may mean that they are more experienced.

In general, you can expect private driving instructors to charge $25-$35 per hour. You study at your own pace, but you would still need about 20-30 lessons (since the lessons are hourly) before you are ready for the test.

It’s also definitely worth booking a warm-up hour or two on the auto center’s test track. This way you will get used to the circuit before the practice test.

Car Insurance That Accept No License

Once you have passed your final theory test and completed your lessons, you can book a date for your practical driving test. The test will now cost you $33. This fee is for the test only. You will also need to pay for the rental of the test vehicle and the “warm-up” before taking the test. The fees are as follows:

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SSDC may have the cheapest driving test costs, but remember that you technically paid more for both theory and practical lessons compared to other schools.

BBDC costs $21.20 more than SSDCL, but hopefully it would save more theory and practical lessons.

If you pass it, congratulations! Now, when you apply for a driver’s license, you have to pay a fee of $50. Hope it was worth it!

Price: Private driving instructors don’t have to follow a strict curriculum, so the pace of the lessons depends on how quickly you pick up the skills.

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If you are confident in your driving skills, it may be wiser to sign up with a private driving instructor. Based on the cost of hands-on lessons alone, you can save up to $700 by going to a private driving instructor instead of a driving school.

Convenience: Both driving schools and private driving instructors have advantages and disadvantages. Driving schools such as SSDC, CDC and BBDC have all the necessary facilities, so if you need more time on the test track, you won’t have to pay extra, unlike with a private driving instructor.

On the other hand, a private driving instructor should be able to arrange lessons to fit your busy schedule, unlike a driving school where schedules are very inflexible.

Car Insurance That Accept No License

Location: The private driving instructor can also meet at a location that is convenient for both of you.

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It is not easy for most Singaporeans to get into driving schools. Unless you live in the far west or far north, getting to BBDC and SSDC in Bukit Batok and Woodlands respectively can be quite challenging. CDC, on the other hand, is more focused on Ubi in comparison.

If you are a busy person with very little time or if you are confident in your driving skills and the speed at which you will learn, you will definitely save more with a private driving instructor.

Otherwise, a driving school may be more expensive, but also a more suitable option. After all, the point is to pass the driving test. There’s no point rushing through class and rushing to take a test if you’re not going to be successful in the end. Failing your driving test simply means that you will spend more money to get your driver’s license.

Bukit Batok Driving Center is known for its friendly and approachable driving instructors. Because you will return to the center more than 30 times throughout the course

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