Best Personal Loan Rates

Best Personal Loan Rates – OCBC charges some of the highest effective interest rates, ranging from 17.1 to 29.8%, for personal loans in Singapore. This makes the total cost of these loans more expensive than other banks. However, OCBC is one of the 4 banks that offer personal loans to people with an income of less than $30,000, and can serve as a backup option for those who cannot get financing from other banks. That said, among lenders that provide detailed information on their interest rates, OCBC charges higher interest rates for low-income borrowers.

OCBC is one of the most affordable personal loan lenders in Singapore. This is due to the relatively high flat interest rate (8.2 – 13.1%) and expensive processing fee of S$200 or 2% of the total loan amount, whichever is higher. These factors make the overall cost of OCBC personal loans higher than the cost of borrowing from other banks.

Best Personal Loan Rates

Best Personal Loan Rates

While OCBC’s personal loans are higher than other banks, it is more transparent about its rates and fees than some of its competitors. This transparency can be valuable when applying for a loan, as applicants will have clear expectations from banks like OCBC.

Best Personal Loans In Sg 2022

According to our research, OCBC is 1 in 4 banks in Singapore that provide personal loans to people with an annual income of less than S$30,000. He said, among lenders that advertise their rates, OCBC charges the highest interest rate for borrowers. With an income of S$20,000 to S$30,000, with an effective interest rate of 25.7 – 29.8%. These costs translate into more expensive personal loans. Below, we compare the total costs of a S$3,000 loan for a low-income borrower from Standard Chartered and OCBC.

Singaporeans, Singapore Permanent Residents and foreigners living in Singapore can apply for OCBC’s ExtraCash personal loans. Foreign nationals must earn at least $45,000 per year, while Singaporeans and permanent residents must earn at least $20,000. All applicants must be at least 21 years of age.

OCBC charges borrowers a processing fee of 2% or S$200, whichever is higher. This fee is slightly more expensive than other banks. However, OCBC charges poor borrowers a low processing fee of S$100. Additionally, the bank charges an early withdrawal fee, for partial and full withdrawals, of 3% of the amount due, with a minimum withdrawal of S$1,000. The bank also charges a fee of 3% of the outstanding loan amount for loan recovery. Finally, the bank charges an S$80 late payment fee. These fees are exactly the same as those charged by other banks.

Individuals interested in OCBC’s ExtraCash personal loans can apply by phone, online or via SMS. Applicants must provide their contact information, NRIC/passport number, income information and bank account information.

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Consumers who want to know more about other personal loans before making a decision can read our other guides to find the best personal loans in Singapore in 2022 that suit your needs.

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Best Personal Loan Rates

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Tips For Choosing The Right Personal Loan For You

However, it is when you are most vulnerable to money that you should be very careful. Borrowing from an unauthorized money lender can be a deal with the devil that can ruin your life in many ways. Here we discuss some evidence why unauthorized lenders are still a real threat to consumers in Singapore, and what alternatives they can use when they really need cash fast.

The Singaporean government and its police force have done a great job in reducing the activities of UMLs in recent years. After peaking in 2009, UML-related harassment cases dropped 80 percent to 3,375 per year in 2016, thanks to a strong law enforcement crackdown. However, the recent arrests of loan sharks in Bedok and Balestier, the shaming of borrowers on social media and the burning down of borrowers’ houses is a reminder of how real sharks are in Singapore today. If there are still thousands of cases that are being reported, then there will be thousands more that are happening without the public’s knowledge.

If anything, this is one of the main reasons why you should stay away from unlicensed moneylenders, no matter what. If you borrow from them, you are likely to put yourself and your loved ones at risk.

As if that is not enough, sharks charge so much interest that you will never be able to escape your debt completely. Here is a story of a woman whose debt increased from S$250 to S$400 in just one week. In this case it appears that his lender charges a weekly interest of 60%, which would translate to a daily rate of 8.6%. If we compound that every day for a month, that would represent a monthly rate of nearly 1,000%! If she waits two months before repaying her loan, her balance will be over S$30,000. How is anyone going to repay such a loan, especially if you are borrowing more than a few thousand dollars? Worse, as your balance grows rapidly and you don’t have enough money to pay them back, they can come to claim your assets and leave you without any assets. If they are willing to set fire to your building, what will they not try?

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The good news is that there are legitimately better alternatives for people who need to get money quickly. The cheapest option, of course, is to borrow some from your friends and family, who may not pay you any interest. If this is not an option, a personal loan from a bank is also a perfectly suitable alternative. For example, HSBC has one of the best personal loans available in Singapore with monthly interest rates as low as 1%, and can give you the loan within 24 hours.

If you cannot earn S$24,000 to S$30,000 per year, however, a bank may not want to give you a loan. In these cases, you can still access the loan shops with affordable low rates. If you have no value for money, even authorized moneylenders and credit cards have much lower interest rates than loan sharks.

If you have considered all your options and going for a payday loan is your only option, you should still proceed with caution. Simply asking someone if they are a licensed lender is not enough.

Best Personal Loan Rates

Personal lenders are in business to make money on the interest they pay borrowers. Therefore, both licensed and unlicensed lenders will be willing to say almost anything to get you to borrow from them. However, it should always sound an alarm in your mind if a lender rushes and pressures you to take a loan. High pressure tactics are a hallmark of personal loan schemes. If you’ve been pressured into signing a loan application or handing over your personal information, it may be time to look for another lender.

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Instead, you should always check if the dealer you are talking to is one of the authorized lenders designated by the government.

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